To Gary and the Team at Eco Springs

We just had to write and tell you how great we find having your water purification system at our facility.

There are so many water cooler systems out in the market place and we have been exposed to many different types.


When you are running a business you are always on the look out for ideas that can enhance your employees experience in the workplace as well as offering your clients jut one more point of difference from your competitor


Melbourne is not renowned for hot weather but last year we experienced 4 days of over 40 degrees.

The great thing about Eco Springs is that we know we did not have to order more bottle of water and wait days to get them (the heat wave would have been over by the time any other system got the water to us ) with eco springs, the water is always there.


Purifying the abundantly available tap water throught the unique “coconut filtering system” you provide we know we are offfering our friends, clients and team the ver best hydration


Thanks for the  great service.

Warm Regards

Ed Mcdonnell


Minuteman Press